Monday, September 10, 2012

Random with a Side of Fun

roman was invited to mady's birthday party at island gymnastics. i didn't get to go because gianna was sleeping the whole time, but toby sent me this picture. aren't they adorable?  i know they miss seeing each other every day.  note to self: must. schedule. more. playdates!
i was so grateful to have had roman at amazing creations since he was 8 weeks old, so i got this card made for them.  it shows 10 pictures of ro from 8 weeks all the way up to his first day of pre-K.  all together now...awwwww.
we got yard of the month!  funny story: we got this back in may too, but were too embarrassed to put it out so it lived in the garage the entire month.  last month our newest neighbor, justin, received the dubious honor.  dude has been out working on his lawn almost every day since he moved in.  it does look really nice.  but i believe the boys are in an unspoken competition now.  should we just pass the sign back and forth?

mommom surprised roman on his birthday and drove all the way down to spend the weekend with us.  she played a little trick on him here.  i think he actually got scared.  see how he locks the deadbolt after he gets his present?  hee hee

we took mom to brunch on sunday morning at montana's.  they have these two big bears out front so we got their picture with the "friendly with fish" bear.  the other bear looks very similar but no fish and he has red toenails and fingernails.  we're not sure if it's supposed to be nail polish or a "fresh from the kill" look?  either way...10x more scary than "friendly with fish".
gianna loved hanging out with mommom.  a little friendly game of bounce bounce was enjoyed by all.  and by all, i mean the two of them.  
love this picture.  roman just climbed up on the recliner arm next to toby while they are watching the eagles. 

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Colleen said...

I love how your mom surprised Roman!