Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Party Time!

it's party time, ya'll!
we had ro's party at island playground this year. we invited his whole class from st. gregory. about half his class came, which was really cool. we got to meet a lot of his new friends and their parents. he had a blast. we didn't have to clean up. win-win, right?

a few of the party decorations & goodies
we took cookies to roman's class on friday, it was really cool.
finally, party time!
the boys are running wild
the prince at the top of the tower
he was having some breathing issues, so we made him take a couple time outs.  boo!
we kept gianna busy with food. girl loves her some wagon wheels.  
rylee being crazy rylee
my crazy daredevil jumping (not sliding) down the slide
gianna's turn!
...and running some more!
...oh wait...did i mention there was running?
this is one of ro's new friends, mitchell.  this is the famous "boy with the freckles". 
big room, filled with kids, parents, food and fun
roman's birthday cake.  he wanted a "bucky" cake.  meaning, bucky from kicking and screaming.  so, basically, a regular kid in a soccer uniform.  okay, so they don't really make soccer figurines, so momma had to fashion one out of fondant.  he wasn't the cutest.  in fact, he was kind of scary.  but roman thought he looked like bucky, so mission accomplished!
these two are so mischievous.
the birthday boy liked his cake.  

blowing out the candles
and then, he didn't want cake.  he wanted to eat the soccer dude.  so he ate his face.  nice.
all the kids got to sign a t-shirt for roman and he got to take it home.  
...and finally...goodie bags!

i hope everyone had a good time.  it was a success in my eyes!  you only turn 5 once, right?

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