Sunday, June 27, 2010

What We Did

so, yes, i'm a slacker. i'm dwindling down to about 1 post per week. i know, i'm lame. i just don't get the camera out as often as i used to. and, i can't seem to get videos to load on here anymore. i am working on getting a bunch loaded onto youtube so that you can see all the crazy things this child of mine does. more on that later. here are a few pics from our weekend...

this is just a little sneak peak into our saturday project. i'll show you more later!

a playdate with mady!

it was so stinkin' hot here, we had to get out and cool off... chasing his "girlfriend" now, she's after him! taking the corner on one wheel... starting a water gun fight ...and then, more running

she's a cutie pie for sure!

taking a juice break and re-filling the water guns
gun in she comes!
cooling off with some popsicles
ahhh, so yummy

playing with playdoh on the front porch
hey there mady girl!
concentrating real hard....
hope your weekend was just as nice!

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