Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Easter

time to pretty up some eggs!

halfway done, these are our favorites so far...

so proud of their creations

time to add a little extra something.

an egg with 3 eyes? of course!

bunny ears on little sister? oh yes.

after the eggs were properly decorated, we made marshmallow bunnies. not the edible peep variety, but the kind where you glue the mini marshmallows on a piece of paper in the shape of a bunny. roman picked green and gianna picked pink. it was a really fun project!

they both concentrated really hard and both did really well. it was a fun project!

these minions are so cool!

roman wrote a note to the easter bunny, in hopes that he would leave them something.

the bunny delivered! gianna didn't even have time to climb all the way up in the chair, she just got so excited!

roman got a few new movies

....and what else is in here?

jelly beans!

look momma, the easter bunny wrote me back!

gianna got a frozen hooded towel that she has been wanting for a while now.

both the kiddos were looking super cute for church.

after church, poppa and roman worked on putting together the soda can robot that the bunny left.

after naps, our family came over for dinner and macee made this cool is this?

the best part was what she put inside. check this out!



once the whole family was over, i really didn't have a chance to take pictures and this is truly the only picture i got of after dinner activities. the big boys were playing pickup basketball and are probably glad that i don't have pictures of that. in this one you can see gage in the neighbor's yard, alex helping gianna with her bike, macee randomly wearing a helmet and heather huddled up with her hood on because the bugs were BAD. we had good food and fun with great family.

i hope you had a blessed Easter too!


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