Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Breakaway

we are on the 2nd week of spring break for roman, and since we didn't really plan anything super special for him, i thought it might be nice to go somewhere different and do something fun. our friends have been to this park before, but we haven't. i asked around to see if anybody else was up to heading there for a few hours and sure enough, we had quite a few friends that were able to come along!

this park is in ridgeland, sc, which is about 30-40 minutes away, but it has a really cool treehouse, zipline and splash pad. we packed lunches and swimsuits and headed up around 10:30.

the boys were quickly running all over the treehouse and it was hard to keep track of where everyone was. luckily, the whole playground is fenced in and we didn't have to worry about losing anyone.

silly boys

gianna loved this swing. it was a nice mix of hammock and swing...

soon after we arrived, the kids were hungry, so we all headed over to the picnic table to eat lunch. yes, that is 12 kids!

we secretly sent jennifer (another mom) over to the splash pad to see if she could turn it on. we didn't want the kids to be disappointed, but we also didn't want them to freak out when they saw the water shoot up out of the ground. spoiler alert...she figured it out...and so did the kids!! they rushed to put their suits on and headed for the splash pad.

the three little sisters...Nell, Gracie and Gianna.

i think she was having fun... don't you?


gianna definitely stayed around the edge, she wasn't quite brave enough to head in the middle.

those boys though...they lived in the middle around the spout.

after a while, they were over it and we went back and changed into dry clothes. gianna was feeling super confident and headed up to the top of the treehouse...hi momma!

so proud of herself

zip lining was so fun!





her favorite, the swings!

i was really impressed with roman's monkey bar skills


finally, time to leave. one last group shot.

oh last silly shot!!

i seriously needed a nap after all this fun!



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