Monday, October 22, 2012

Coming up for Air

it's been a rough week. gianna got sick early wednesday morning and so i stayed home with her that day, thursday was toby's turn, and friday it was me again. i took both kids to the doctor on friday, roman had a little cough, but was fine, so off to school he went. AND, toby was out of town on friday night and i started to feel crummy. man, am i tired! little miss wanted to socialize last night. not sure if that was because she had a late nap yesterday or what, but i am praying for a full night's sleep tonight because toby is out of town again tomorrow night. 

i texted toby last sunday (i was in a class all day) to make sure he was doing okay with the kids.  he texted back..."yes! she is definitely your daughter...put her in her pack and play with toys everywhere...came back to all the toys put away in the basket and the pack and play was completely clean."  that's my girl!!!
 they love to play together
  doesn't look like she's too thrilled with my halloween costume choice
a new song he learned in school
  i took the kids to chickfila for dinner friday night to make it easy on myself
i want some ice cream too!
 this boy makes himself comfy, doesn't he?
and she just seems to pop up everywhere now! 
 funny man
roman had 2 birthday parties to go to on saturday, and i got to go the later one with him.  it was a backyard movie.  so cool.
after church yesterday, we headed down to old bluffton to the art and seafood festival to get some lunch.  somebody can't walk and eat, so this nice man let him have a seat to eat his pb sandwich.  very nice.
she was wondering why she didn't get to eat anything
roman got a turn on the big swings. he can really swing high!
it was such nice weather to take a ride on the golf cart.  i didn't realize that roman had ice cream on his nose!  i guess that's what happens when you stick your face in the bowl!
watching mickey mouse after her nap.  getting comfy!

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