Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Little Peek

this is just a little peek into our lives. i realize that everyday things are the most important and special to me and so i'll try to share those more often. 

roman, doing his middle split at testing on saturday
roman, performing his low block

gianna and gage watching their big brothers play soccer on saturday afternoon

 i was trying to get her to say lilah...she had just said it right before this...
 when i get out of the car and walk back to get gianna out of her carseat, this is what i see...every time.  happy girl.
this is what i see when i leave her at daycare.  i put her in the highchair and give her a snack and she's a happy girl.  she loves miss daisy and miss daisy loves her!
i love this toothy grin!

bathtime for my littles

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