Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All My Punkins

we've finally been feeling some fall weather and i'm loooovvvvviiiiing it! toby thinks it is cold, but really, its just a little chilly!  bring on the jeans and sweatshirts, oh yeah!

gianna's hair is slower to grow in than roman's was, but her curls are starting to show up...like this crazy one!
gianna is all over the place these days and i love it. she's so much fun!

and she is so ticklish too
guido is getting big and he's super silly...stretched out to the max playing with his football

playing shy
when ro had a half day last wednesday, we carved his pumpkin and painted the other two...
weapons class on saturday
i was so proud of him, he went to the back of the line with no pushing (something he's been struggling with at school)
he's getting really good with this weapon, huh?
poppa bought him this air gun at bass pro and he was shooting at some ducks set up in the windows
snack time can get really messy
i thought this was so cute...i told roman "i love you with all my heart" and he repeated me in a little southern drawl...
this melted my heart.  getting groceries on sunday, he just put his little arm around her and kept her happy the whole time we were at the store.
anything for the kids...and by kids, i mean all 3 of them! i mean, you guys know that toby is a big kid, right?  he loves getting this stuff for roman and now gianna too.  and it makes them happy, so what can i say?  (honestly, i actually really like them...shhh, don't tell)

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