Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monkey Pup

ya'll know i am not afraid to tell you how cute my own kid is, so here i go again...

ro just seems to be doing and saying the cutest things lately. of course, in between all these cute things, there have been some fall down, face in the carpet tantrums, but who remembers those when cuteness reappears?

the first thing he has been doing which i think is the sweetest, is saying "momma, i hole shoe", which means, please hold me. my heart melts into a little puddle on the floor everytime he says it. how can i resist scooping him up and giving him a big 'ole bear hug?

the second thing is the way he separates his words. there is definitely a space between two words that he is trying very hard to pronounce. Examples, please?

joos......(long pause).....bots. = Juice box
poppa.....(long pause).....werp. = Poppa is at work
ro-ro.....(long pause).....boat. = That's my boat's my new favorite...
muntee....(long pause).....pup. = Monkey cup (see video below, complete with sound effects, in case you didn't know what sound a monkey makes)

should i change the name of my blog to "look how cute my kid is"? tee hee

1 comment:

allie1126 said...

you have every right to brag on Roman!!! he is so precious! wish I could have seen him more the other night oh well atleast I got to see him in his cute sweatpants.