Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family is Fun!

how lucky are we that our family was able to come down to celebrate our gianna's first birthday? i feel so blessed! josh, colleen, lilah and cj arrived on thursday afternoon and it was so fun to see how much lilah has grown!  last time we saw her, she was just 3 weeks old!

roman just loved little miss lilah grace
please excuse the potty shot, but this was the only doorway we could put the jumper in...she's like "what is this thing, ya'll?"
the girls played well side by side
lilah is so happy all the time...
lucky roman got a fun gift from nana.  madagascar 3 and it came with the circus afro wig.  sweet!
this makes me happy.  a couch full'o'family
lilah loves mommom
gianna got all tuckered out from her walk with mommom, but she sure wasn't going to let go of her zebra's foot.
here's the girls, playing together again
i love these sweet little cheeks
g and her godpappy :)
she really loved chillin' with cj
look at these expressions.  she's got quite a few happy faces....

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