Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trees and Cheese

mommom brought this tree and all its decorations for gianna when she was here last weekend. roman had a little tree in his room when he was a baby, so g had to have one too.   isn't it pretty and girly?  roman calls the peacock that is down bottom in front a turkey.  hey, it kinda does look a little bit like a turkey!
roman got a new tree for his room too, with some really fun colored lights.  he loves it.  oh, and the santa hat he is wearing...he made me sew a jingle ball on the end of it so he would sound all jingly when he moved.  what can i say?  my boy loves Christmas!
this little lady will eat almost anything.  she probably had as much pizza as roman on sunday night.  then, to keep her quiet, i gave her my crust.  she gnawed on that for a while. 
 girl loves some cheese! 
our tree is up and lit!  we decorated it on monday night because we didn't have enough time on sunday night, so i owe you a picture of that soon.  say it with me now....ooooohhhh, aaaaaahhhhhh, twinkly....
roman is getting ready to start decorating our tree. 
after we had finished decorating our tree, roman stood back and said "come here guys, come look at our tree, it looks AWESOME!" i love that he loves to decorate at Christmas. next up...outside lights and inflatables. poppa's turn!


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