Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Party for our Princess

with our family in town, we had to have a party to celebrate the little lady, right? not that i need that as an excuse, but it sounded like the perfect one!

 in addition to some cupcakes, we had candy covered oreos and marshmallows...yum!
...and a banner with all of her monthly pictures on it.
poppa got his little sweetie a few balloons.  she loved them!
time to open some presents.  g was tired and not really into it, but she did good.  she loved the tissue paper anyway!
all the kids loved helping her open her gifts.  that's the best part. 
rose colored glasses.  may you always see life through these, my dear. 
checking out her new ladybug rocker
time for cake!
what is this, momma? she wasn't so sure and didn't want to touch it, but once i cut it and fed it to her, she liked it.  if she's anything like her momma, she could skip the icing and just eat the cake.  yummo!
the other girls were anxiously waiting for some sweets too!
momma and the 2 best things she's ever done. 
a blurry, but sweet family shot.

happy birthday sweetness!

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