Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Littlest Joy

gianna is getting so big, so fast. and part of me loves it, part of me is sad about it. i mean, how did this happen so fast? she's almost walking, starting to talk, and forming habits. she provides toby, roman and i so much joy every day. 

a quick sidenote: roman was upset last night and he was crying and saying "i want gianna to make me feel better!", but she was sleeping. so, we went in to her room and i was instructed to move her hand to her mouth so she could blow him a kiss to make him feel better. such a sweet boy. and, guess what? he magically felt better. 

here's a couple videos of her from our evenings this week.  

she loves pushing her walker all over, but gets mad when she runs into something and can't keep going.  
she has started to say bottle, but really it comes out as da-dool
she loves to hold her dolly by the foot. if you give it to her another way, she flips it around to grab the foot. 

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