Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday BabaLoo!!!

oh gosh, where do i start? 

i'm overwhelmed with joy when i think about this little sweetheart.  i cry with gratitude quite often, thinking of how long we waited for her.  what we went through before God gave us this gift.  how that was the plan all along and that she was the perfect one for our family and that is why we had to experience loss in order to gain such indescribable joy.  

my sweetest babaloo...you complete our family and we love you to the ends of the earth and beyond.  

here's what you are doing when you turned one!!!

  • you weigh 19lbs, 7 oz. (24th percentile), you are 28 inches (17th percentile), and your head measures 17 3/4 inches (51st percentile).  so, you may be a petite little thing, but your melon is full.  you sure are smart.  
  • you just got another tooth, so that makes 7 now.  
  • speaking of teeth, you eat like a champ!  you will eat almost anything momma puts in front of you.  right now, you love turkey, chicken, lasagna, cheese, cheerios, bananas, yogurt and crackers.  
  • you are not walking yet, but you have a toy walker and you push it all over.  you hate it when you run into something and can't go any further.  you "cruise" all around the furniture.  
  • you still sleep really good, but have been waking up kinda early.  i attribute that to the time change and teething.  let's work on sleeping about an hour later, mkay?
  • you can say a couple words.  mostly momma and bottle (which comes out like da-dool) and this weekend when lilah was here, you really were saying her name the whole time.  sweet.  
  • you are starting to have a little "stranger danger" sometimes, but really seem to attach quickly to men (cj, uncle josh and poppop wayne got a lot of love this weekend).  
  • you love to rock.  sometimes if momma is rocking you and i stop, you will sit up and grab my shirt and rock back and forth, like "momma, keep rocking me!"  cute.  
  • you like toys, but are easily entertained with just something simple like momma's keys or some tupperware.  

punkin pie...we love you so much, happy birthday!

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