Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Indians, Inflatables, In the Mood & Insane Cuteness

i take such random pictures, don't i? i know i haven't been the greatest at posting or even taking pictures lately, but here's a few snippets of life. and what a wonderful life it is!

two little indians
toby and roman put up the inflatables and the outside lights this past weekend.  i owe you a nighttime picture.  it is really pretty.  and, of course, our competition (neighbor, mr. justin) just happened to be putting his lights out at the exact same time, so there was definitely some smacktalk going on.  i just hope this doesn't turn into a clark griswold scene!
lazy bones.  she loves to throw herself onto our pile of pillows on the bed.  and then she laughs.  not here, though.  things were serious, she was about to chillax.
roman loved making this "superhero froggy" mask from some arts and crafts supplies that krista gave him early (props to her and aunt jen for being super thoughtful and bringing down Christmas presents early so we would have a little less to tote around next month!)
this picture reminds me so much of one that mom has of josh around this same age.  he had dressed up in a red apron (i think?) and wrapped toilet paper around his face for a beard.  roman spied this dishtowel and was immediately inspired.  he LOVES dressing up as santa or an elf.  we are in the Christmas spirit around here!
gianna loves to get a bath, but she doesn't like me putting things on her head.  as soon as she is old enough to milk the whole princess thing, she might change her mind and want to wear her crown. 
i love seeing these little curls.  she was especially curly this particular night after her bath.  now that it is growing in a little bit, i hope it stays at least a little curly. 
it seems as though she has found her tongue
she loves playing with her birthday balloon from poppa

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