Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Hi-Jinx

i told you i owed you a picture of the outside lights.  here it is.  dun duh da daaaa!  this is all i could get with my phone and a squirrely french bulldog on a leash.  it looks really good in person!  promise.  
toby is really sweet and sent me this little tree to put by my desk at work.  it came with lights and ornaments. too cute!
we decided to do a book each night instead of your typical advent calendar or Christmas countdown. there are 24 books (new and old) that are each wrapped and roman gets to choose whichever one he wants each night.  
a peek inside
this weekend we went to durham, nc for the boys to see a duke game against UD...and guess who was in the hotel room when we got there?  silly shoshee (pronounced shaw she)!
i was trying to get a good picture of the kids in front of the tree and it really wasn't working.  this picture cracked me up though. they look super happy, huh?
roman and i decorated his "virginia" house last night.  i really don't correct him when he says it that way because i think it is really cute.  he was having a hard time holding the little candies, so he would get a handful for me to put them on the roof for him.  he wanted me to bring it to his room when it was all dry, so when he woke up this morning, it was on his dresser.  he loved that and wanted to show gianna his "virginia" house. 


Colleen said...

Love book idea, may have to steal that idea for Lilah in a few years.

jdinflatables said...
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