Sunday, May 31, 2015

Savannah SandGnats

i know, i know...what a glamorous mascot. try to reign in your jealousy.
they joke that it is the south carolina state bird.
we planned to go with a few of our favorite family friends and it was a great time.


these girls were so sweet with the little girls. the one in the middle is adeline and gianna is obsessed with her. she really has a lot of patience with the little girls.


we hardly ever have pictures of us together, so we decided to act like we like each other.

ice cream in a helmet, a ballpark favorite!

okay kids, time to get ready for the fireworks!


this was gianna's first time seeing them and we were afraid she would hate them because she doesn't like loud noises, but she covered her ears and enjoyed every minute. she kept saying "they're so beautiful"...and she was right, they were great!

these ladies have become dear friends of mine and i'm so grateful for them in my life!


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