Friday, May 15, 2015

My Girl

as i may have mentioned once or a million times before, i never thought i was going to have a girl. throughout my whole pregnancy with gianna, i was certain she was a boy. i was preparing roman for the disappointment since he kept saying it was a girl and that he wanted a sister. but, here i am 3.5 years later, still shocked that i have a girl!

and boy, oh boy, is she a girly girl. in every sense. loves her nails painted. wants to wear a dress EVERY. DAY. twirls until she falls down. looks in the mirror... A LOT. asks me how she looks. and the drama...where do i begin?

but, i absolutely love it. and i am imagining her in her tween and teen years, how she is going to fight getting up to go to school and i'm going to have to bang on the bathroom door for her to let her brother get some time to brush his's going to be hilarious. just remind me that i said that in 10 years, okay? because i probably won't think so then. haha


here she is "hugging" her friend, gracie. these two share a birthday (11/11/11!!!) and will be in the same class at SGG when that time comes. right now, they like to hang out together when their brothers are together.

i ADORE this picture. it is so real. stray hairs popping out all over, her smile so genuine. she is the most beautiful girl in the world!
she is always wanting to do what big brother she is practicing her weight lifting skills.

for some reason, she decided that she wanted to wear her hat and gloves while eating her pretzels and watching a show. and, why not? so, it happened.

and momma got a little snuggle time on mother's day with this cutie.

love you babaloo!



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