Saturday, May 2, 2015

Around Here

here's what's been going on around here...


we went to mikah's birthday party and the kids got face paint and hand paint and sugar, oh my!



i think roman took this picture of gianna in the back of the truck at mcdonald's after church one day. i've never seen it until right now....haha sneaky kids

popsicles after dinner


kitchen accessories for hats?

brother got a picture, so i need one too! let me pose with my new bubble bath.

sharing is caring. the kids love a "coffee" treat! you take the short straw and i'll take the tall one!

we read a ladybug girl book and gianna did not realize that she actually had this costume. i love this picture because she is smiling for real...not for the camera.

since roman doesn't have any ball games on saturdays, he's been going to kids crossfit classes and they have him doing box jumps. look at that air!

twirling, twirling, seems like gianna is doing that everyday, all day. if her outfit for school doesn't twirl, we come right home and change into something that does!

i love the little curtsy at the end. such a princess.

so, that's what's been happening around here!


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