Monday, May 25, 2015

Muffins & Mayfest with Mimi

a couple of weeks ago, mimi came to visit and boy did we have some fun! she was able to come to gianna's school for muffins with mom day and she surprised g because she did not know that mimi was coming! unfortunately, when we go there, gianna was in timeout for hitting a "friend", but she quickly got her act together.


and when we went to ballet on saturday, that was the day that gianna got to try on her recital dress!

later that day, we headed to bluffton for mayfest and had a good time walking around eating and finding fun stuff to do!


roman got to go on a really big zipline. he's way braver than me!

and gianna got her face (and lips) painted!

gianna and mimi hopped and scooted around the house...and just like that, she was gone! we will see you soon, mimi!


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