Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pool & Park Parties

the weekend that i went away to jacksonville with a couple of girlfriends, our kiddos got invited to 3 parties! add in ballet and crossfit and it was just too much for poppa to fit in, so they ended up only going to 2 of the parties.

stefan's party was a pool party and apparently, it was a blast. look at these silly boys! (the 3 boys in blue each had a momma away for the weekend)

roman and his buddy, sebastian. i love the sneaky grins on their faces!

gianna got to tag along too, but apparently, it was a little chilly!



the next party was for carson and it was at a park. he may not have many teeth right now, but he has a nice toothless grin here! i love how the boys are all singing to him, but secretly eyeing up the cake!


they had a blast with the fun things planned (bandaging a wounded soldier?)and then had an impromptu football game after!

and this was happening at home...




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