Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Holly's Shower

missi and jaden threw holly a baby shower for the new little lady that we are expecting to arrive in late may/early june. it was small and family only, but we had a good time!


i made cake pops and missi put them in these painted mason jars, so cute!

cute decorations for a little girl shower


of course, gianna was all about that popcorn!

sunny, gianna and jj

these three stooges had fun playing together

gage and chase are excited to be big brothers. i asked what they wanted to name the baby and chase was shy and didn't tell me, but gage said "curly shirley" ... haha

they waited patiently through the gift opening part...

such cute little clothes for a little lady. holly doesn't know what to do with girl clothes!!

pretty girls!



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