Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bulls Baseball

the boys have finally wrapped up their baseball season. they made it to the second round of playoffs and they played hard. the thunder shut down the bulls in a hard game, but we are so proud of this team and the way they played all season. toby and aj coached along with a really nice guy named george and the whole team was so fun to watch all season long. i'm going to miss it, i think. but, i don't think i can handle another ballpark hotdog and chips for dinner for a while!

this is chase headed toward third on an awesome hit that ended up a homerun!

yeah buddy!
our friend, sherri, took this pic of me and lisa watching one of the hot rods games.

for the playoff games, the boys got to play on the "big" field and it was so much fun!


colella cousins!

this crazy team!

sweaty and dirty. tired, but smiling. you deserve that trophy! roman worked so hard all season long, practicing quite a bit with poppa and truly getting so much better during the season. i'm so proud of him!

coach poppa!

and this little lady was there for all the games too!



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