Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Memorial Day Fun

this year for memorial day, we decided to have some st. gregory friends over for a fun party in the backyard. so, toby decided that we should build a firepit. the day before. oh joy. haha...it was easy, but still a lot of heavy lifting. those pavers aren't light! we love how it turned out and it is perfect for roasting marshmallows!!!



the bounce house is here!!! where are my friends?

she's got the baby pool all to herself. little did she know that soon enough it would become a water gun refilling station for the boys.

love this. all the boys in their swimming trunks, playing ball in the side yard.

sneak attack from the top of the water slide!!

17 kids were here, and about 10 adults. so much fun!

ice cream sandwiches are the best. the messier the better!

nel, gianna and gracie had so much fun together. these girls are too cute!


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