Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gianna's Recital

okay, i'm just going to be really honest here. gianna begged to do ballet. i never brought it up. her friend emma was doing it and it came out of the blue for me. so, we took her to watch a practice and she said she wanted to do it. so, she's been doing ballet since january. some days are harder than others (she might cry throught the whole class) and i've been wondering if she really likes it or not. but, you have to sign up for the june recital WAY ahead of time in order for them to order the dress and prepare the girls. so we did. as we got closer to the recital, i was nervous that it would NOT go well. she was crying more and more in class and not wanting to leave my side. (we are not allowed in the room when they practice)

so, when recital picture day rolled around on monday, june 1, i picked gianna up and fed her, dressed her and headed to the studio. and she fell apart. cried the whole time they were taking the group picture. i ended up not letting her take individual pictures because...duh, see above. i was so angry. i may have lost my cool and told her that she ruined the picture for everyone else. okay, i did say that.

toby wanted me to pull her out of the recital and not make her do it. however, i felt like we committed to it, paid for it, bought tickets for it, etc...we were gonna do it. the rest of the week i tried to casually mention it each day, with enthusiasm so it wasn't a stressor. when friday rolled around and it was time for the dress rehearsal, she clung to me and didn't want to go with her teacher. but, in the end...she went. and she didn't cry. she seemed excited! hurdle overcome.

saturday came and we headed to the recital. i had lowered my expectations and just thought that a crying tiny dancer would be funny to watch. BUT, i'm happy to say, she DIDN'T cry...she did a few moves and seemed to like it. yay GG!!!

who knows whether she will keep it up or not. if she hates it, i'm not going to make her do it, but i feel like she will like it more as time goes on. she truly is a girly girl who loves a twirly dress, so why wouldn't she want to dance?




i'm so proud of my girl!!!


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