Friday, June 24, 2016

Lazy Days

have you ever seen a cuter bunch of colella boys?
i love lazy weekend afternoons when we head out on the golf cart and go down to look at the river.
this girl is too silly...
this boy is too sweet....
can you see what she is trying to sneak up on?  look closely under the tree line...
the boys, chillaxin'
oh hey, i wanna be in the picture too!
on one of our golf cart outings, roman wanted to go see mady at her house, but we told him no.  not 5 minutes later, we passed them on their golf cart and they got a chance to be silly for a minute.
and then, on our way home...we passed this.  just in someone's yard.  you never know what you're gonna see in downtown bluffton!
one night, while poppa was away on business, i took the kids up to fat patties for their homemade ice cream.  boy, was it delicious!  can you guess who got which flavor? 
okay, maybe this gives it away. 

crazy hair, don't care!

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