Friday, June 3, 2016

Disney {Day 2}

on day two, we headed to animal kingdom.  
gianna and mimi got to hang out while the big kids rode the everest roller coaster.
macee is super smart to hold onto her sunglasses...that ride is a crazy one!

these sisters are so pretty!
gianna got a lift and an awesome view from macee
mimi and gianna playing whack-a-mole while the bigs rode another roller coaster.
look at all the loot she won!
we finally found a ride for these two!
time for facepainting

{argh}n't my boys handsome?  okay, i know that is a cheesy joke, but i just can't help it!

our snow queen loves her aunt maddy
time for a safari...look at those hippos!
we got stuck in a giraffic jam (there i go again!)
where else will you see pink flamingos and an elephant together?
another rare sighting...two teenage sisters, getting along...:)
after a quick nap that afternoon, we headed to Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney.  they have lots of restaurants and shops in an open air setting.  it was a really nice night to just walk around and explore.
our beautiful ladies
there were these cool boat cars that you could take a ride in

i'm not really sure what they are doing here, but i just love them. 
day 2 in the books...stay tuned for day 3!

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