Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Disney {Day 3}

our last day at disney started off at hollywood studios.   what a fun place to see all the characters that we are used to seeing on our screens!
we aren't even into star wars (??), but seeing the storm troopers was pretty cool.

they would not stop and take pictures, so this was the best we got!
gianna got to meet some of her favorite disney junior characters, like sofia the first.
and jake, from jake and the neverland pirates.
and we found minnie again!
doc mcstuffins was there too!

and then we all headed into the air conditioned theatre (ahhhh!) for the frozen sing-a-long
even this guy was happy to be there. 
it even snowed!
mimi sang along too
i have to admit.  i have no idea what ride this is.  i just know that it was in hollywood studios and they boys rode it.  and apparently had fun.  or were scared.  i can't tell. 

so long, hollywood!
we headed back to the magic kingdom in search of our favorite sisters...elsa and anna!
and we found them.  gianna was mesmerized. 

our last ride all together was splash mountain.  we had a few in the front that were all about it...and a few in the back that were NOT.  in the end, everyone was happy they went and gianna has talked about it ever since.  it was her favorite ride ever.

then, mimi and aunt maddy had to catch a plane to go back home, so we said our goodbyes...
and maybe, we were a little bit silly.
our little family of four stuck around for a few more hours and we got to ride the goofy roller coaster in the dark!
and the castle all lit up so pretty.
while we waited for the fireworks show, the kiddos were cracking me up.
gianna was trying to pretend that she was asleep, but she couldn't stop laughing.
so, roman showed her how it is done.
okay, much more convincing, right? 
the fireworks were the perfect end to our trip.  so beautiful and magical. 
see ya next time, disney!

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