Thursday, June 16, 2016

First Holy Communion

forgive me father, for i am not catholic. 

so, in all fairness, i really am along for this ride along with my kids.  this is the second sacrament this year for roman, the first being Reconciliation (confession for those that don't speak catholic).  

actually, this one is easy to figure out.  First Holy Communion.  this is the first time that roman is receiving the body and blood of Christ.  with all of his classmates and about 100 others.  

my boys, getting ready...
we were having a few friends over after the ceremony, and our friend sherri made this cake.  it is a tradition in her family to make a lamb cake and i think it looks great!!!
aren't our kiddos just the cutest?
hey there, handsome!
come on, mom...more pictures?
i'm not real sure what i did to deserve these two, but i'm forever grateful.
it's finally his turn to head up the aisle.
almost there...
monsignor cellini

after the boys ripped their suits off, they were in the yard, playing baseball!
another friend had this cake made with the boys names around the bottom. 
oh, and it was logan's birthday too, so we all got to sing to him. 
God is good. 

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