Tuesday, July 5, 2016

School's Out for Summer!

i know i'm a month behind on this...so sorry!  i'm trying to play catch up! 

i can't believe that roman is now officially done with 2nd grade.  that year just flew by and i'm so proud of him! 
of course, we have to have the official goofy pic with sister!
look at how much he has grown.  a few inches and honestly, he looks so much different, i think. 
this is roman's report card.  for his last semester, he got all A+s.  and averaged nothing less than an A in each subject all year long.  he knows that he would not be able to play sports if his grades didn't reflect his abilities, but even i am impressed.  he's a smart cookie!  

my favorite part is where his teacher wrote..."He has a strong work ethic, and strives to do his best daily!"
time for some fun before third grade!!

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