Friday, July 15, 2016


this past weekend, we headed to florence, sc to participate in the Dixie Youth Baseball South Carolina State Tournament.  our bluffton boys were one of 12 teams that have proven they are the best!  this was our first time participating in something like this, and boy, oh boy, did we learn a lot.

it was hot, it was fun, and we sure did have a good time.  

here are the boys being introduced and heading onto the field with the other teams.  

roman and bradley would be participating in the the home run derby that evening as well.  go big hitters!

roman did not know that mommom and poppop would be there to cheer him on.  what a fun surprise!

before their first game on saturday, the boys were trying to stay cool and focused.

but, they couldn't help but get a little pumped!

the players from each team were introduced and ran out to their position on the field, shook their opponents hand and got ready to play. 

roman was taking some practice swings, waiting for his first turn at bat. 

the machine was coming in faster than the boys were used to, so it took some adjustment time, but he was able to get a good swing in and connect with the ball.  

after the game, we headed to the hotel pool to cool off and have some fun.  gianna and gracie had the pool to themselves until the rest of the team showed up!

this was basically our whole team plus a few extra...

after the coaches grilled out and we all had full bellies, some of the boys took over the game room in the hotel and made it their own personal playground. 

time for game 2! roman got a couple of nice hits in this game and even a double play (which i did not get on video).  but, my favorite part of the videos is hearing everyone cheering him on.  we have such a great group of kids, parents and supporters that make this so much fun to be a part of. 

we didn't end up winning, but i sure am grateful for this experience.  both for roman and for us as a family.  he learned so much, had so much fun and showed incredible sportsmanship.  we were able to spend time with family and "bamily" (baseball family, as our head coach puts it) and make memories to last a lifetime. 

poppop colella drove down to support us too...see that crazy guy? 

so, that's the end of our 2016 baseball i have to start cooking dinner again? 

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