Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Down on the Farm

i really don't get to do many school events/parties with roman, so when i do, i really enjoy it.  his school is about 35 minutes away from my work, so to get there and back within a lunch hour isn't feasible.  when i noticed that he had a field trip scheduled for a day i had already taken off for gianna's daycare being closed, i was hopeful that i would be able to go.  toby made some changes in his schedule so he could keep gianna, and yay...i could go!  

we went to Dempsey's Farm, which is a real working farm on St. Helena Island a little north of Beaufort.  

this is roman's class...poor things had to look into the sun for the picture, so it was heads down, eyes closed until the count of 3!

we cuddled up close to miss sherri and archer on the hayride! again...with the sun in their eyes.  i'm not a total meanie, i actually gave him my sunglasses after this.   those sensitive baby blues!
farmer dempsey would stop the hayride and give a little lesson on what was planted in his fields and how they were pollinated and why some had black plastic, some had white...the kids sure learned a lot!  when we got to the section where the watermelon was planted, he got out his pocket knife and cracked some open for the kids.  they loved it!  of course, my picky little man and me didn't want any...but everyone else said it was super sweet!
picnic lunches are the best!
this is the only farm i know of where they actually grow their own pumpkins.  the kids had fun running up and down the rows, searching for the perfect one. 
the only rule was that you have to be able to carry your pumpkin!
lucky for him, he's got some pretty big muscles!

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