Thursday, November 5, 2015

Saint Valentine

for all you non-catholics out there *ahem, my family*, all saints day is a big deal!  and at roman's school, the second grade class gets to dress as a saint and speak at the all saints mass about their chosen saint.  this year, they prayed about it and drew the names out of a hat.  i really think that the prayer went from roman's lips to God's ears because he drew Saint Valentine, the patron saint of love.  i mean, i think it was meant for him.  when we went to raleigh in the beginning of october, nana helped roman find everything he would need for his costume and we whipped it up together at home.  admittedly, we both loved this part.  i love being crafty and he loves dressing up and in particular, he loves when he looks so "authentic".  

here he is, arriving at mass.  

 he said that he was nervous, but i couldn't tell.  he totally rocked it! 

he spoke slowly and clearly and i was SO proud of my little saint valentine!

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