Monday, November 16, 2015

Halloween 2015

halloween was on a saturday this year, which was nice, because that meant we weren't rushing home from work, shoving dinner in the kids to try and get out trick-or-treating.  it also meant that the church held their trunk-or-treat event on friday night and this was the first year we were able to go. 

my little ninja and ariel

gianna's friend gracie was a super cute sherriff callie, but please don't ask ariel to put her chocolate down for a ain't happenin'
gianna was obsessed with the big pumpkin inflatables on the school lawn.
after a slightly terrifying experience with the red hairspray in the bathtub the previous night, we decided to switch it up and become elsa for ballet class on halloween morning.  her friend, emma, was an alabama cheerleader.
and, as we approach emmy awards show costume change status, she decided to trick or treat in a purple fairy princess getup.  don't ask....we just went with it...
it got dark pretty quick and so this is really the best picture i have of them trick or treating together.  it's my favorite because as they rang the doorbell these dogs came to greet them.  and the one dog looks just like duke.  so stinkin' cute. 
we met up with mady and ella on the opposite side of the neighborhood and they ran around for another hour getting all the candy they could.  then we headed back home to hang out with the girls like we've done for a few years now.  however, we forgot to get a picture of all the kids together...womp womp!

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