Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Party at the Bounce House!

this year, gianna requested a party at the bounce house.  and, i'm happy to oblige.  this place might be where we spend 75% of the birthday parties around here, but, they have it down to a science.  you basically reserve the room, pick the number of kids that are attending, and all you have to do is bring a cake.  they get everyone signed in, order pizzas, have water and juice boxes and goody bags all ready for you.  it's so nice!  plus, i don't have to clean my house to prepare for win! 

gianna is pretty obsessed with paw patrol right now.  that is a cartoon show that has a few little dogs that rescue people & pets in need of some help.  she really likes the girl dogs, skye and everest.  so, her t-shirt and socks (from mimi) are skye and everest, but the balloons and party plates have all the dogs.  her cake is in the shape of a bone and we put some of her toy dogs on it.  easy peasy!
her friend emma was sick all week with strep throat, so we sure were happy when she was able to come!  pardon the picture of the phone pic, but getting them to stand still is a major accomplishment, so i took the chance when i had it!
these kids have so much energy...they were bouncing and climbing all over the place!
when it was time for pizza and cake, gianna got to bang the drum so that everyone knew to head to the party room.  this is a favorite thing to do, so she was nice enough to let other friends have a turn too. 
these girls are super silly.  lucy makes the funniest faces!
time to sing!  i love how she "fixes" skye halfway through the song...

i love these goofy girls!
gianna was so excited when macee finally got there!
and rylee played with her for the rest of the party...what a sweet cousin!

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