Friday, October 30, 2015

Charleston Shootout

we have officially entered a new phase of life. we now are a travel sports family.  roman joined a new soccer league this year and it is really challenging him to build his skill level and constantly get better.  a few weeks ago, we traveled to Charleston, SC for the weekend to participate in a tournament.  and lucky for us, roman got to "play up", meaning he played with a team that is older than him.  also, they play against teams that are mostly older kids as well.  so, he really has to keep up.  and, boy, does he!  i have to admit, for most of his trainings and home games, i am unable to make it because i am with gianna after school or at ballet on saturday mornings, so this was a good opportunity for me to really see what he has been working so hard on.  

the weekend was rainy and the fields were muddy.  but, we've learned our lesson and now we have rainboots and raincoats.  (at least the girls do!)

we were sure to bring along plenty of things to do and snacks to eat for this little lady, but for some reason (???) it is really hard to hang out at a soccer game for hours at a time!
we were really lucky to have our friends, allison and jason and their sweetie pie, adeline, come meet us near our hotel for dinner on saturday night.  she wasn't really feeling the love right here, but we absolutely loved seeing her!
this was on the second day, when it rained pretty much the whole game and i had mud in my toes for a few hours.  yay. 
i know what you want to know...did they win?  well, no, they didn't.  they played 3 games and lost all three.  BUT...they played hard and that's what counts.  also, they scored a total of 3 points in all three games and guess who scored 2 of those 3?  that's right....#8, baby!!

and then, we headed home.  this girl was happy to be out of the rain and mud and cuddling with her new found friend, applejack. 

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