Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Meet in the Middle

sometimes a few trips up north just isn't enough to see our family. so, mom and mmt and i decided that we would meet in raleigh for a weekend to get our "fix". as we got closer to the weekend, i realized that roman did not have a soccer game and asked him if he wanted to come with us girls. he loves any chance to see his mommom and nana, so he was in! but, we kept it a secret from mommom and nana!

during the week, i was keeping an eye on the weather and i knew that it would most likely be raining the whole weekend, but that wasn't going to stop me. in the end, hurricane joaquin decided to drench north and south carolina and made driving a bit of a challenge. after a very wet drive up, we made it to the hotel around 8:30 and mommom and nana were so surprised to see roman along with me and gianna!

it really doesn't matter what we do when we're together, so even an opportunity to watch a movie with nana was a nice treat.

on saturday evening, we decided to head to the local mall to see what they had for the kids to do. the ladies had scoped it out the night before and knew that there would be some things for the kids to enjoy. there was a train inside the mall that we took a quick ride on.


Riding the Mall Train

then, they had to wait their turn for the bungee jump-o-lene. roman was not super excited about it at first, but he was glad he did it. it turned out to be super fun, he said.

i was pretty shocked at how excited gianna was to do it...she actually went first

Slo Mo Flipper

a quick carousel ride to made both of them smile


we saw a guy selling some hoverboards, so, of course, roman tried that out...
we all had some ice cream and then took a few photo booth pics. what a silly bunch, huh?

the next morning, we were slow to get moving, but had an early lunch at panera and then got on the road. i am glad we left when we did, because it seems that due to the flooding in south carolina, roads were being closed and we were detoured off of 95 for a couple of hours, but were lucky enough to get through before they closed the roads we actually took. thank the good Lord for safe travels. and thank you mommom and nana for driving down to see us! we had a great time. we love you!
















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