Saturday, September 26, 2015

Horsin' Around

each year around roman's birthday, we try to do something with his bff, mady. as they are getting older, it is harder and harder to do a party that both boys and girls both love....ack....they are getting older! this year, they each had their own boys at the girl party, no girls at the boy party! so, we decided to sign them up for a horseback riding lesson together.

on a very nice sunday afternoon, we headed to a stable right down the road and they each got to try their hand at riding.

but first, they had to do all the prep work. this is cherry...short for cherokee! they had to brush him.

and pick stones out of his feet...

they put his saddle on and roman got to lead him out of the barn!

this is the only picture i have of roman out in the arena with him...but there are a couple of videos on my youtube page...check them out!

he got to give cherry a treat back at the barn too!

and bridget was a great teacher. what a fun time we all had!



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