Saturday, September 19, 2015

8 is Great!

it's hard to believe that my little boy is 8 years old. every year on his birthday eve, i think about the night that my water broke and we headed to the hospital as a family of two and then left as three. gosh, how he has changed our lives for the better.

roman is one of my most favorite people to be with in the whole world. he is such a loving soul. he cares deeply about others, he is extremely generous, and his snuggles are the best around. he is hilarious and athletic, sensitive and smart. i love who he is and who he is becoming as he grows up before my very eyes.

a couple of days before his birthday, he started to ask what surprise i was going to do for his birthday. he knows that he gets some sort of balloon surprise and i love that he looks forward to it!

this year, it was balloons with money in them floating around his room!

happy birthday to my favorite son!

he didn't want to put on clothes, so he wrapped up in a blanket!


loving his superhero socks from mommom!

roman's big present was a real tent! as soon as we could get it set up, he and his sister were in it, hanging out.


these silly faces...oh man...he's got lots of them!

his birthday was on labor day, so he was off of school. so, the next day, when he went back to school, poppa brought cookies in for all his friends to share. they sure are silly!

happy birthday roman! 8 is great, just like you!


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