Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This Party was In-Tents

this year, roman wanted his party to be a camping party. since we don't really camp, we decided to do an indoor camping party. that's still camping, right?

while roman was napping the day of his party, we tented the playroom (totally toby's idea).

once all of the boys got here, we fed them some pizza and then sent them outside to play.

they each got their own gun and played capture the flag (again, toby's idea).


look at this bad buncha dudes...

okay, maybe they aren't so bad, after all!

time for some cake. their rendition of happy birthday sure was entertaining!

and of course, he ate NO cake. licked the icing off the top and grabbed the hershey bar "sleeping bag".

then, it was time for an outdoor movie. since we had been fighting the rain all day, toby set up the movie theater in the garage and roman chose yogi bear as the feature presentation.

popcorn all around!

after the movie, the boys played a little freeze tag with their glow sticks in the back yard.

present time for the birthday king!

and then it was time for bed. 5 of the boys slept in the tent and 3 outside the tent. slowly but surely, they all fell asleep and for the most part, it was an uneventful night. poor toby slept on the couch to make sure if they needed anything, he was right there. i can't say everyone got a good nights' sleep, but sleepovers aren't really about sleep, right?

they ate some donuts breakfast (toby's idea too) and then it was time to send them right back outside!

they got their guns out again and tried to shoot down toby's quadcopter drone.

they each got to leave with a happy camper t-shirt and i hope that their experience lived up to what the shirt says. we had so much fun having this group of boys over to celebrate roman's birthday.


i wonder what he'll choose next year?


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