Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Kids (because, let's be honest, that's all you really want to see, right?)

roman had taken a couple months off from taekwondo because of his broken arm and then broken finger.  so, after Christmas he started back up again and he is really enjoying it. (i think he just likes to kick and punch toby when he is practicing)
roman loves to wear his new robe after his showers now.  this particular night he was acting goofy.  must have been the faux-hawk...
p.s. doesn't my house look like an episode of hoarders?  i promise that after i saw this picture, i removed a bunch of stuff from the fridge and countertops.  whew!
 all fancy for school mass on friday morning.
 gianna could not stay still during roman's basketball game saturday morning.  she kept walking up and down the sideline clapping while they were playing.  and then, when the game was over, she couldn't wait to get out on the court with aunt hettie!
then, g and momma went home to wait for the new bed to be delivered while ro and poppa went to rylee's basketball game.  i'm the first one on the new bed! (said in the same voice as mater in cars..."i'm the first one on the new road")
 then, roman had a birthday party to go to for one of his taekwondo buddies.  and, he picked momma to go with him this time!  lucky me!
 roman and anthony (birthday boy) riding motorcycles
 when we went to give roman kisses goodnight, his blanket was sticking up in the air.  when we pulled it back, this is what we saw.  cracked us up and of course, i ran to get my phone to take a picture. 
 sunday morning was just a relaxing time.  gianna cuddled under the blanket that nana gave her and watched mickey mouse while roman played his nintendo ds game in the chair.  
 then, they had a little sibling cuddle time.  she loved him playing with her belly.  she's a bit obsessed with her belly these days.  
 this girl loves her juice!
 this week is catholic schools week and each day is something fun.  monday was dress up day.  pre-k's theme was community helpers.  roman was super excited to wear his police uniform with the badge that uncle gene gave him and the hat that krista gave him.  i'm happy to say that everyone was law-abiding and there were no arrests made.  yay!

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