Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas was so great this year.  roman is the perfect age.  he gets what it is about and he is in awe of all of the "magic" that comes with the season.  it was fabulous that Christmas fell on a tuesday because that meant we had a couple of days to recover after traveling up to delaware.  in years past, it has been stressful to arrive on Christmas Eve and have to rush around to do everything we want to do.  the only thing that i regret was that we didn't go to midnight mass this year.  we ended up at AI Dupont with gianna again this trip, on Christmas Eve afternoon, and hadn't gotten to bed until 1am the night before, so we wanted to be well rested  for when the kids woke up in the morning to tear into the presents that santa brought.  gianna was diagnosed with another double ear infection (that i guess never went away from before our trip), so it was good to get her on some more medicine so she could enjoy herself the rest of the time.  we missed the kids playing in the snow (it only snowed for the time we were at the hospital) and dinner with toby's family, but they were all still there waiting for us when we got home.  and our boy was SO happy that he got to play in the snow. 

macee, mimi and popo were helping ro build the "tallest lego tower ever"!

roman-lou who?  
the kids looking outside when it first started to snow
roman and mimi made this little snowman and he lived in mimi's freezer.  ro was really upset that we couldn't bring him home!
grandpa with all his great-grandchildren
 grandpa with all his grandchildren
 mimi and gianna hung out a lot on Christmas morning
 mimi's baby and grandbabies
the red power ranger, one of many costumes that roman asked for this Christmas!
our crazy kiddos on Christmas morning

i think she likes her chair.  well, she likes climbing it like it's a mountain, anyway
on Christmas afternoon, we headed down to nana's house.  it was crazy as usual.  

the whole fam
 and the crazy family gets a little crazier
 mommom and her loves
 and then out came the silly string.  again. 
 it got a little messier than usual
 do you see the floor?

the day after Christmas, we went out to brunch with grandma and grandpa.  they traveled 5 hours just to eat with us and exchange some gifts and some hugs.  

lilah and her santa hat headband.  she just kept grabbing for the fluffy white ball!
gianna playing peek-a-boo with grandpa and the wrapping paper
a nice picture of grandma, grandpa and 3 out of their 4 grandkiddos
isn't she the cutest little thing?
a picture of mommom, poppop and all of the grandkiddos
gianna was really ready to open presents, she couldn't wait for lilah to have her turn first
lilah got an owl hat.  super cute
she looks so little in her big girl chair
this must have been "the year of the chair", gianna got 3 and i think lilah got 2
roman had a blast opening his gifts.  with every one, he would open it and say "what in the world!?!"
peek-a-boo again!
these boys are nuts
roman wanted a santa suit really bad!  mommom came through
and she even had a big santa sack full of presents for him to hand out to everyone
gianna sitting in her wicker rocking chair from mommom and lilah in the wooden one from gg
roman was loving on poppop wayne
gg came over for a visit.  we were so excited to see her
gianna started walking while we up in de visiting.  it was really nice to have our whole family share that milestone with us.  she got better and better at it the longer we were there
roman loved helping poppop wayne split wood for the woodstove
gianna liked watching them out the window
roman even pushed the wheelbarrow all by himself
and then he got a lift from poppop
this was what the beginning of our trip home looked like.  we were worried about the storm that seemed to be covering all of i-95, but luckily, it quickly turned to rain and then dried up and we were home before we knew it
it didn't take long for these little ones to fade out.  so tired from all the fun they had
when we got home, poppop, kelli and aunt alex came over to bring the kids their presents.  i mean, do the presents ever stop?  

gianna is getting really good at this now
oh wow!  a purse!  time for poppa to hand over the credit card
all those Christmas toys and gianna ended up playing in the tupperware cabinet with aunt alex.  

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