Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013, {so far}

17 days in. nothing from the new year yet. i guess it's time, huh?

i know this picture makes it seem like they are miserable, but they were both kinda feeling a little under the weather and they just wanted to hang out together on the couch.  i love that they are holding hands. 
this wasn't even taekwondo day...he just wanted to wear his uniform.  love this little sideways look...
we went on a nice crisp saturday morning bike ride.  roman really liked going fast on his new bike and gianna was thrilled to be at the wheel of her new purple tricycle!
this cracks me up...silly copycat
all those Christmas toys and she prefers to hang out in the cabinet.
he laughs at her and it just eggs her on.  this might not bode well for my future. 
gianna got a butterfly tunnel for her birthday from chase and gage and they had so much fun in it!
this is the first time they are both sitting at the table coloring together.  i hope to see this many more times. 
it was only fitting that she sported an elvis curl on his birthday.  look at those tired eyes!
hey!  what's down here?
little snitch was stealing my food.  i think this should be my new diet plan...
i hope she likes to actually cook as much as she loves to play in this kitchen.  she spends a LOT of time playing here. 
i knew when we got her school pictures that i had seen that pose before.  when i got out his picture to compare, i was floored!  the pose and chair are the same, but even with 5 months difference, i can see a lot of similarities in them.  it is hard to see it now with such an age difference, but this is cool to look at and compare. 
she's learning lots of new things every day
mady and her family came over last sunday and they played superheros
big girl can hold her own banana now!
and apparently this is the new banana flavored chapstick. 

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