Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Can Finally Post These! - Colella/Tamminen Kids Fall 2012

i really wanted to post these earlier, but it would have kinda ruined a Christmas surprise for the grandparents, so here's the pictures we had taken with macee and rylee back in september for toby's parents and grandparents.

my favorite thing about this toenails.  first time she had them painted.  so girly.
 just like her namesake, aunt hettie.  with her mouth open...hee hee

 he's loving this.  hugging on his sister.  he LOVES holding her.  if she only wanted to stay this still...

 i have this picture at my desk at work.  i love looking at it every day.
 gianna looks scared.  
 and then, this.  like, "boy, you are so crazy."
 again...mouth open.  gianna heather.  enough said.

 this is my favorite picture of him. this shows his true smile.  and i love to see him smile. 

 my favorite picture of rylee.  so pretty.
 my favorite picture of macee.  so grown up and beautiful.
 love this one of them together, so silly.

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