Monday, January 21, 2013

Ordinarily Extraordinary

life around here is never very extraordinary, but i find that the ordinary things are SO fun for me. a lazy weekend makes me super happy. not planning anything, just winging it. i didn't take many pictures this past week, but here's a few.

the flyers started their season this weekend, so our little hockey fan had to dress the part.  and i guess he's been paying attention to the way they play...maybe he's seen too many hockey fights?
our little guido gets forgotten so many times.  he's still a puppy and can't really control himself around the little kids yet, so he doesn't get to play until the littles are in bed.  he was just hanging out with me one night since toby had gone to bed a little early.  he's like..."mom, why are you still on your computer?  play with me!"
last weekend, our toddler {oh, how i don't want to say that word...she's still my baby!} really took off walking.  she had just decided that it was better than crawling i guess.  well, she is moving faster and faster everyday.  she even started running a little bit this weekend.  this particular, chilly morning, she wanted to walk in to school by herself.  i wanted to hold her hand, but she refused.  she was SO proud of herself!  

and this is just a normal weekend afternoon.  she moves all around and plays and then she'll come and sit with me for a minute or two if she's tired and then she's off again.  busy little bee!

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