Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If I Don't Laugh, I'll Cry

let me start by saying that i had a wonderful birthday yesterday. i felt the love from family and friends and i am grateful that i have officially arrived at my mid-thirties. yes, i am 35! that being said, yesterday was a challenging day for me. like my post title, if i can't laugh at myself, i might just cry. let me give you the rundown...

1. i awoke to several texts. one from josh, one from mom. so, i proceeded to text them back. toby asked who i was texting so early, to which i responded..."mom and josh".
he asked why i was texting them so early in the morning.
i said i was replying to their texts.
he asked why they were texting me so early in the morning.
i said "because it's my birthday".
enter surprised look on husband's face.
oops. i guess his brain was a little slow to catch up to his body yesterday.
**disclaimer** i know that he knew it was my birthday and he had already given me my present this weekend...he was just a little slow.

2. while waiting at the register at the grocery store to buy gift cards for work, the cashier asked me if i was expecting. ummm, excuse me? i know my shirt is empire waist and all, but really? when are you allowed to ever ask a woman if she is pregnant? let me help you out. never. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. ever. (brian regan, anyone?) worst part? it was a woman. who started to try and dig herself out of that hole immediately upon my response of "no". so, i headed back to my car, convincing myself it wasn't worth tears. not on my birthday.

3. went to lunch (which was allison's treat, thankyouverymuch!) and spilled something on my new shirt. i used my tide stain stick to try and get out the stain, which proceeded to not only NOT get the stain out, but bring out the lovely smell of whatver it was that was spilled on my shirt. yuck. oh well, i could live with it. that is, until i went to the bathroom, and as i was flushing, realized that the tie on the shirt (it tied in the back) was literally IN the toilet as i was flush. it was untied and i was flushing it down the toilet. so, i proceeded to pull it out of the toilet, wring it out, wash my hands and go directly to the gift shop and purchase another shirt to wear for the remainder of the day. i prefer to look at this incident as just another birthday present for me...yay...a new shirt!

at this point, i was just thinking...okay, get through the rest of the day so you can go home and put on your pajamas and just chill out.

luckily for me, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful and i was treated to dinner and cake and lots of love from my boys and G.

roman even prayed for me last night..."and thank you God for Momma to be this old.".

yes God. thank you for letting me be this "old". i am grateful for each birthday because that means that i am here and able to spend this most wonderful life with the ones i love the most.

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