Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gianna's Nursery Tour

it's finally done! g's nursery is complete! can you tell i'm excited?!?

okay, enough with the exclamation points, i know i've used my quota already. so, i'll just give you the tour.

here's the arrangement that's on the wall above her glider. i had planned on just hanging everything directly on the wall, but i found this shelf set at tj maxx and it allowed me to accessorize it a little more. 'cuz every girl needs more accessories, right? the 3 little bears clock is from nana. she got it for roman when he was a baby. the rest is all new.

i printed gianna's birth details and framed it in this pretty pink frame. and, i think the flower is a peony, which is my favorite. the little G block is from my friend amanda. it has all her birth details on it too. i just really liked this LOVE print, so i framed it. and now, all i can hear in my head is "if you like it, then you better put a frame on it" to the tune of beyonce... (oh goodness, i'm tired). i found the mercury glass bird at tj maxx too. isn't that place great? my little girl is a maxxinista...moving on to the other side of the room...

the shelf is from my mom. she painted it when she came down in september. it's got a few fun things on it, including gianna's going home outfit.

above the crib is a bunch of embroidery hoops with different fabrics in them. the crib is a mish-mash of different fabrics. i didn't buy a bedding set because i never ended up using most of what comes with it for roman. so, i made her bedskirt (attached with velcro) and valance too. it kind of reminds me of a picnic blanket pattern, but i still like it. oh, and there's a really cushy rug down there too for when i am standing over her watching her breathe as she sleeps. whenever she ends up sleeping in there. for now i just hover over her right next to our bed in her bassinet. :)i saw this idea on pinterest...yes, i steal creativity. above her changing table, i put these poof balls made of tissue paper. the white one with the rain drops was made by miss allie as decoration for my "baby sprinkle" that she had for me in september. after i looked at this picture, i realized that the little pink poof in the back needed to be up higher. so, i moved it up. you're welcome. but, i didn't re-take the pic. sorry. ...and back around to my favorite spot. sitting on the furry, cushy glider cushion (total score from pier one), i can see all the pretty stuff in her room. it makes me happy. just like she does. it is pure heaven sitting in that chair rocking my baby girl. God is good. oh, and i made this little butterfly for the collage wall, but i didn't like it there, so i put it above her closet door. it's kinda cute, like it just landed there. and i feel like bob ross (that guy with the big afro that used to teach you how to paint on pbs)..."let's let a butterfly live here..." hee hee, i just crack myself up. and i know the walls look baby blue, but it really is a very light aqua. very subtle. i wanted to have her accessories steal the show, not the wall color. so far, gianna doesn't seem to really care too much about her room, so i might move in there until she's old enough to appreciate it.

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Krista said...

LOVE it! Adorable Stace! I love the crafty things you borrowed from Pinterest & I am digging all the prints! Nicely done cuz! xoxo