Wednesday, February 15, 2012


so, our time together has come to an end. our beloved duke dog has gone to be with God in heaven. we loved him so for over 10 years and he provided us with the most beautiful unconditional love that only a dog can give. i can't describe the void that his passing will leave in our family, but i do know that i don't regret any minute of our time together and i'm happy he is no longer in pain. rest in peace baby boy, rest in peace.

my favorite things about duke:

-he used to sit on my feet while i was getting ready in the morning, because he never wanted me to leave.

-he had one black whisker. even after it fell out, it would always grow back.

-if he was mad, he would lay with his paws straight out in front of him, right beside his face.

-he innately knew if i was upset and would always come cuddle with me.

-he was such a good listener. i could take him for a walk without a leash and if 25 dogs went past us, he wouldn't even look their way.

-he was ALWAYS good with little kids. even before we had roman, he was so gentle with our nieces and other kids. he would lay down to play with them. same with smaller dogs, he never played too rough.

-he was a good traveler. he always went on trips with us and knew when the suitcases came out that he was going somewhere.

-he loved to give hugs.

can you believe he was ever this small?

back in his awkward teenage years, when his nose hadn't turned completely black yet and my aunt joyce once thought he had a marshmallow stuck in his nostril (hee hee) yes, his face always looked this pitiful, but we knew he was happy. he couldn't help it that his skin was so saggy. underneath all that saggy skin was a beautiful smile. i just know it. and we always looked for that one black whisker that would always grow back. our little guy was special. how handsome is this guy? sometimes, you just gotta lay down and take a nap. this was one of his favorite spots, right in the corner of the couch. as big as he was, he thought he was a lap dog and would curl right up on your lap if you let him.

Best Dog Ever....

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