Sunday, February 26, 2012

Camo, Weapons, Spar!

roman tested a few weeks ago for his camo belt. i was able to go with him to the testing, but not when he actually got his camo belt. so, i don't have any pictures of him actually getting his belt. :(
but, now that he is a camo belt, he is allowed to attend the weapons class as well as spar. so, we are trying our best to make it to those classes even though it is difficult sometimes. he really enjoys taekwondo and learns a lot of really great life skills, so we are trying to take him as much as possible.

testing day, standing at attention

funny story...some of the older kids test with weapons, but roman shouldn't be doing that yet. when the instructor asked who was testing with weapons, roman raised his hand. we were trying to let the instructor know that he had never taken a weapons class, but they liked that he was showing initiative and let him test with this weapon. it was pretty hilarious to watch. he really loved it though. here he is with all his sparring gear on. very protected with a chest protector, shoes, a cup, helmet, shin guards, arm pads, face mask and mouthpiece. it kinda makes me feel a little bit better as a mom that he is all padded up!
practicing sparring with beckett.
protecting his best weapon...his brain
here he is with one of the other smaller boys in the weapons class

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