Sunday, February 26, 2012

Colella Family Dinner

we had the whole family (and then some minus two) over for dinner today. jaden brought a few friends home from college and unfortunately mac and macee were in columbia. toby really wanted to get everybody together since we rarely do that. he made ziti and meatballs and i made stromboli and a cake (to celebrate a few birthdays) and apple pie (new for me). everybody brought something and we had more than enough food to go around. thank goodness everybody took something home. we had a good time just hanging out together. i really love seeing the kids play together too. for the most part, they play really well together and i know that soon enough gage is going to be keeping up with chase and roman!

the girls sitting on the couch with the babies

colella men getting some grub
the table was maxxed out!

chase loves to play basketball, just like roman

we sang happy birthday to rylee.

checking out the new 3D tv

like father, like son

the colella kids band...roman on vocals, reese on trumpet and chase on cymbals

i hope you had a great weekend and hopefully got to spend some time with your family too!